One of our greatest missions at the moment is getting refugee kids involved in soccer. We currently have over 100 kids signed up for the upcoming fall soccer season with the Des Moines Soccer Club. Getting kids to soccer takes many hands to run smoothly. We rely on donations to provide soccer equipment to all of our players-cleats, shorts, ball, etc. We also provide transportation to all players who need it (which is most of them) as transportation is one of the largest barriers to participation. We rent out DART vans, which are very pricy, and are currently in the process of getting a new van. Volunteers help organize and transport kids to and from practice and games. We also pay for every kids’ soccer fees, ranging from signup fees to tournament fees. 


Why soccer?

Though soccer is very important to kids as a means of providing physical activity and fun, it also provides so much more to kids who are involved. Soccer provides discipline as the players need to keep track of their equipment, be ready for their rides on time, and show up to practice and games multiple times a week. Since soccer is a team sport, it also teaches them the importance of teamwork and being part of something larger than oneself. Soccer also provides a community, and to refugee kids establishing lives in a new country community is very important.

Want to get involved?

If you would like to volunteer: email We are always in need of more drivers to take kids to and from soccer practice and games!

If you would like to play soccer: email You will have to send all neccessary registration documents-photo ID with date of birth, parent’s recent paycheck, and some other items.