Santa’s Ride

Takes place every December

The event: Santa’s Ride is an event which provides holiday gifts and essentials to families in need. We visited 6 different apartment complexes in order to eliminate the transportation barrier and brought the items to refugee families in need.

What we provide: We provided everyone who came with toys, winter clothes, food, and toiletries.

The event’s reach: At our 2023 event, 525 families attended the event and were able to get assistance. A family can range from 2-8 people.

Making it happen: This event would not be possible without the support of people who donate their time, money, and items that they can spare. Donations will always be used as the demand is unfortunately greater than we can often times fully fulfill.

 When will it happen again? This event will take place every December, though exact dates may vary. If you are interested in providing support or receiving support from this event, check out our facebook @DSMRefugeeSupport, as we provide updates about upcoming events there!