Grant’s Back to School Free Store

Takes place every August


The event: The Back to School Free Store is an event which provides back to school essentials to families in need in order to prepare them for the upcoming school semester. This event has been taking place for 3 years, beginning in 2020.

What we provide: Every family who comes through with a ticket will receive every item needed for school according to their specific school supply list. They will also receive a free haircut if desired, winter gear such as coats, hats, and boots. They will also get a physical and dental check.

The event’s reach: During the 2023 year, we estimate approximately 450 families will be served at the event. A family can range from 2-8 people, and about 1500 people will receive back to school essentials!

Making it happen: The event would not be possible without widespread community support. This year, we partnered with over 20 sponsors and community partners who provided monetary donations, organized physical donations, and provided professional services. The event also takes 200 people in order to run smoothly-all volunteers! Drake also graciously lets us rent out the Olmsted Center free of cost to host the event.

Honoring Grant Christianson: Beginning in 2023, our Back to School Free Store will be in honor of a little boy named Grant Christianson. He loved volunteering with his family at this event and others, and Grant understood the value of diversity and inclusion in our community at a very young age. He will be deeply missed this year, but all the good things that will happen are in honor of him and his short but impactful life.